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Vampire Diaries Season 2 Bloopers


LMFAO! I can't wait for VD DVD release! I will definitely watch season 2 recap before September 15!

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Best TV Shows Of All Time

The O.C. -  I love their music, film and comic book references. The storylines of 1st and 2nd season were the best! And, who can forget Luke's tagline "Welcome to the OC, b*tch!", the core four - hilarious and epic Seth Cohen, brooding bad boy Ryan Atwood, funny like her bf & loyal bff Summer Roberts, troubled girl-next-door Marissa Cooper! The O.C. gained huge fandom and it made an impact on pop culture. And again, their soundtrack!!! It showcased great music by indie bands. I never got bored watching The O.C.! (It's written long coz I miss the show really bad. I want an encore!!!:P)

The Vampire Diaries - It's like watching whole season in one episode! It may sound exag but that's how TVD is for me. Can't believe that S02 surpassed S01's storyline. Addicting vampires!

How I Met Your Mother - Set aside the drama, bring out the comedy! One word: Barney.

Smallville - My most expensive DVD collection for TV Shows (9 seasons and waiting for the last one!) I prefer Clark and Lana in this show though!

Gossip Girl - I love the books so I put this on my list. I still wanna see Blair and Nate together. Their relationship was not deeply explored compared to Chuck and Blair's. I'm rooting for them and I'm not closing my mind until the show's over. I'm that hopeful! :))

True Blood - Addicting vampires again! This show is not an average teeny bopper romance. It goes beyond limits exposing over-the-top outrageous scenes. Definitely not for kids! :P

One Tree Hill - Brooke and Lucas forever! :P

Priviledge - I loved this show even if it was not renewed for another season. I loved how it's simple yet touching show about siblings. Very relatable when you have sisters or girl best friends.

Other TV Shows of all time (atleast in my era:P) includes Glee, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Heroes S01 & S02 and Pretty Little Liars

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