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ALL OF YOU CALLING LILY A BITCH AND A CHEATING WHORE AND ALL THAT REALLY NEED TO SHUT UP!!! She didn't cheat shes deathly ill and she may tell him she did to cover that up but she didn't do it!!! So be quiet!!!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Someone Gets Pregnant?!

J or V but I'm leaning towards J

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Who should play *ahem* DR. van der Woodsen?

Ugh i don't know, I can't see any of these guys with lily haha, maybe because i can only picture her with rufus.  But i'd rather it be Aaron because he's hot haha

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The Treasure of Serena Madre (Season 3)

I really want jenny and nate but since that is not an option i want serena and nate.  I hate her and Trip together.  I don't see the chemistry, well at least not as much as her and Nate.


Why November 30th? That's so cruel 

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How long will Lily and Rufus last?

OMG they are never going to break up, why would they, in the wedding episode they got over everything.

And Vufus is disgusting, Vanessa said she wished lily and rufus were her parents, gross you sick people

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