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Revenge Review: Playing With Fire

Am I the ONLY one that feels sorry for fauxy Amanda? seriously? I know she was really irritating but she was soooo loyal to Emily, and really she was truely inlove with Jack in the end she did let go, only a person the is really inlove lets go, and she set him free, she was always protecting her friend even when she was about to die, I just felt sooo bad sooo sad.
I loved how Daniel has no clue how to scheme haha but maybe he will in the near future, he should learn from his mother heck even from his father.

Who Does Rufus Sleep With on Gossip Girl?

I think he will hook up with Ivy

Awkward Review: Along Came Ben

I know Jake really is sincere and from the start felt for Jenna and wasn't ashamed to be seen with her, but as a girl it's difficult to recover from a heartbreak and all of the things you ever suffered from your past whatever it is you had with your last person with whom you had stong feelings for, and Jenna is doing that she's coping, she felt very hard for Matty and when she finally realized she was wasting time he was never gonna wake up and stand up for her, he realized it was time, but it was too late.
Now it's sooooo SAD that Jake had to find out VIA SADIE/SATAN that the girl he loves and his bestie hooked up all summer long and had intense feelings for each other.

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Empire of the Son (Season 4)

I definitely think its time has a little time to suffer he has always had it easy with Blair, she takes him back pretty fast, I know Its love but hey she deserves a great guy and what more than Dan, Serena is a douche for a girl what is she the second coming? Seriously come on Dan is always waiting around for her to make up her mind or do something thats why he misses out on stuff.

Both Blair and Dan deserve that relationship and make manhattan roar, hahahaha I really think its interesting why not?, I mean the prince sure he's a prince but he was kind of boring Blair needs fun someone that puts her in her place and Dan is that someone.

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I think vanessa is just so lame she should be with the other person just as annoying as she is DAN! and one thing I HATE Jenny Humprey gosh wannabe much her only purpose in the show is to ruin everything like for example with her OWN birthday, true Serena has her motives too but doesn't she get she so miniscule nobody cares for her except for the fact she wanted to dethrone B! as if...

I love Chuck, but honestly in this precise moments I love the fact that Blair finally has guys showing interest on her, since Chuck wasted all of them by not caring. Blair deserves a guy that it honestly like Nate right now ZERO drama and lame-less like that thing that chuck fell inlove with the call girl and then tried to "win" over blair and he was willingly to live the COUNTRY for that girl, excuse but that isnt love, he only went after blair because that prostitute told him to stop wasting caring on people that don't need it.

CHUCK has to work hard and stop screwing every girl there is if he wants Blair to know that he loves her. VANESSA & DAN deserve each other they are on the same level of LAME + PATHETIC = ANNOYING I hope they choke con perogi

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when is rachel going?!?!?!?!

I hate Rachel Carr I hope Blair takes her down shes frinkin' annoying who cares if nobody sees her, well who really can see a bug? ONLY TO SQUASH THEM! but the plot is fun I hope Serena finds out and teams up with to make her and Dan's lives miserable also :)

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