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I think they use the word "unexpected" because they want us to really think of everybody.
But the roomate is obviously going to be Blair.
And I think the love interest is going to be Dan (since he's supposed to hook up with someone unexpected too :))

Leighton and Jess

I love them! They're both gorgeous! And IA Vanessa I love that they're so close in real life while they hate each other on the show :)



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Who's getting into new shows over the hiatus? What?

Okay so I don't know who asked about DOLLHOUSE but this show is really awesome! I just watched 2x07 and 2x08 this week end and it was really amazing. Too bad this show is cancelled already... :(

And GREEK is back january 25th? Really? Awesome!!!

During the break, I'm gonna watch Scrubs S9, Skins S4 (I agree this show is awesome especially S1 and S2), Life uneXpected, Dollhouse S2, and I might start Mad Men cause apparently it's a good show, right?

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Caught Off Guard.

For me the thing that really caught me off guard (even if I had seen the filming pics before) was the Nate/Blair reunion. Because it was totally ridiculous! It was so abrupt and so quickly done! I mean we know that Nate falls in love with a girl every 4 episodes but still!

His break up with Vanessa was horrible even for the not NV fans. I mean we knew that N could be an ass but not be that harsh.

It was just a way to show us that Chuck and Blair was meant to be together... But they ruined Nate's character at the same time. :(

The NB break up was pretty good imo though. Really realistic for once.


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Red Carpet Style

Thanks for Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear for the Jessica's pics! I love her green dress.

Some of my fav pics of my 2 fav GG girls.





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