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Revenge Review: The Lines Begin to Blur

Did anyone else pickup on the fact that Amanda said she gets off in an hour, then you see Frank outside on the phone. Why didn't he call Victoria in that hour while waiting for Amanda? So he walks out, makes the call and she's already off work and has time to know where he's walking and hits him. That was bad writing, if you found out information you call right away, why would he wait? That could have been written better. Overall, it's getting messy with the and very complicated. I LOVE IT!


I have watched this show from the very first episode, and I agree with some that it has become boring. The players have become mundane and they seem to be bored also with their lines. Has Shondra stopped writing? When Greys started I would not move from in front of the TV until it was over. Now, I am actually thinking of changing channels to see what else is on. The fire is gone, the players are lifeless and the overall chemistry of the show is not there any more. I want to hang on, but it seems to be lacking in many areas. I still watch the old Grey's on lifetime...

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