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True Blood Round Table: "Soul of Fire"

I want Sookie to forget about old, whiny, wimpy Bill and get a brain cell and keep Eric...if for some twisted reason they dont let her do that then Alcide would be a good second choice. Glad Alcide finally abjured Debbie she still looked like a 2 dollar hooker even when "off" the V.

True Blood Review: "Spellbound"

OMG!! Team Vamp! they seriously need to realize most of us watch just for Alex, just sayin' I think the "shower scene" where they come out to the snow and the bed with furs is a tie to Eric's Viking days not Sookie's fairy land connection. They shouldve had Eric rip out Marnie's throat, really?!?! why would Eric go after a lesser witch if he had a sudden momentary flash of his former self? and Bill....could he get ANY more flacid, subservient, amd weak. the only flash of hope for him was when Jessica stated her desire to eat Marnie's face and that brief moment of pure parental pride we saw flash across his face. Tara shouldve been killed off a while ago. If Bill were more vamp less whiny huhman he wouldve let her be killed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cure Pam I love her! the only vamp with a sense of humor!!