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@Diego. I don't trust Peter. He's shown himself willing to go to the edge, in terms of ethics, a number of times since the show began. He's tried to use his position to throw his weight around at the schools that his children attend. I can't remember the episode. I suspect he might know about the stuffed ballot box in the election, but we won't find that out until next season. He claims to be in love with Alicia again, but I suspect he only wants her now because he isn't sure of her. Alicia's mom also doesn't trust Peter, and just because Alicia's mom is a bit out there doesn't mean she isn't right about Peter. I love the character of Eli Gold, but he could be wrong about Peter, too. The character of Peter strikes me as terminally arrogant.

The Mentalist Review: The Final Seven

Hi, @bonaduz. The smiley face would have made even more sense as a self-portrait if it had turned out that J.J. LaRoche was Red John:-)

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