Chuck and Blair, Chuck and Blair, woooo! Once chuck said something about B, that seemed to apply to me.He said: The cool exterior and the fire below. That couple just fascinates me.Die hard Chair fan till the end. And Ed Westwick is just yummy. ;D
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"The Grandfather: Part II" Sneak Preview #2

well, it WOULDN'T be totally weird if D and S got together, since now she's his step-sister. come on!
i wouldn't mind dan and blair as long as blair ended up with chuck.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 56

Blair: Chuck, you can’t fool me. I know you only bought these gifts with the intention of getting into my pants. You try this with all the girls. Chuck: With other girls, yes. But not with you, Blair. It’s different this time. Blair: (Smitten) Ohh, Chuck. It is? Chuck: Yes. It’s actually in hopes of getting into your socks. Hilarious. :D


Am I the only one who thinks that the pic is just H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S?
I mean, he looks like he's 12.

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Favourite Song Lyrics (Music)

Hallelujah-The Jeff Buckley version

And remembetr when I moved in you

and the holy dove was moving too

and every breath we drew was hallelujah

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cynicalshadows is the best, her fanfiction is amazing.

SimplyShelbyis good too, love the breakfastat the basses .and isabelle of course.

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pointless characters/good characters

are there characters that you think are pointless or you don't enjoy to watch (not including guest stars)?ooh and are there characters that aren't shown as much but you enjoy watching them?

For me i have 2:Nate-bacause he has 1 facial expression and is just boring.

                       Vanessa-because she shows up randomly and just messes everything up.


And the two I enjoy to watch are Eric and dorota. Eric because he's actually the only sane person on the show and Dorota because she's funny.

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