Chuck and Blair, Chuck and Blair, woooo!

Once chuck said something about B, that seemed to apply to me.He said: The cool exterior and the fire below.

That couple just fascinates me.Die hard Chair fan till the end.

And Ed Westwick is just yummy. ;D



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"The Grandfather: Part II" Sneak Preview #2

well, it WOULDN'T be totally weird if D and S got together, since now she's his step-sister. come on!
i wouldn't mind dan and blair as long as blair ended up with chuck.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 56

Blair: Chuck, you can’t fool me. I know you only bought these gifts with the intention of getting into my pants. You try this with all the girls. Chuck: With other girls, yes. But not with you, Blair. It’s different this time. Blair: (Smitten) Ohh, Chuck. It is? Chuck: Yes. It’s actually in hopes of getting into your socks. Hilarious. :D


Am I the only one who thinks that the pic is just H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S?
I mean, he looks like he's 12.