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Criminal Minds Review: So Long, Strauss

i liked it....i am wondering if strauss is drinking due to some sort of pain....i think back to the last eppy of last season, where she said,she was taking time off . as for hotch & morgan: i feel morgan was RIGHT to be pissed at hotch for NOT giving him a head's up on struass....they need to be able to TRUST each other....however, keeping information makes that hard...hotch maybe the BOSS of the team....however, they NEED to be able to TRUST him...he's sending them out into DANGEROUS things.....if he withholds information, can put them in danger....and that is BAD....if hotch wants them to trust him, then he needs to be MORE open with information.....STOP HOLDING BACK. i LOVED that morgan is STILL using the office that was setup for him, back when he was leading the team. LOVED the bit with rossi and the poison ivy comment....i did laugh out loud. i'm NOT a fan of prentiss....never really liked her. alisa


i LOVED the eppy....and i LOVE the idea that gibbs is a father figure to these people....abby's parents are BOTH dead....ziva doesn't really have a relationship with her father....tim's relationship with his is iffy at best....and the same with tony....their a FAMILY....other wise, jethro's leaving for 4 months would NOT have bothered them so much.....i too like boren....hell, i LOVE her compared to hollis....GOD, i HATED her.....she was overly bossey...and the team, didn't really seem to like her either. i LOVED THE EPPY....it was fun. alisa

NCIS Review: The True Meaning of Family

it was really good.....i really HOPE that tptb DON'T drop abby's storyline.....it needs to be followed up on....i LOVED, that abby went to gibbs...her knocking, showed she has MANNERS .....just because a door is unlocked, does NOT mean you just walk in....no matter what the home owner says. i just LOVE tony....he has a way of finding things and putting together the puzzle...and that's something tim still needs to work on....and shows WHY he's gibbs' SFA. as for tim's weight: the actor claims that he's changed his eating habits....however, he doesn't seem to be able to HOLD whatever goal weight he set...and does look sickly. alisa

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