CHAIR est vivant!

LIVE FOR GG. LOVE FOR CHAIR! I'm a LEIGHED fan but I don't make crazy manips. BTW, I  can't stand Dan, Manessa ,and DAIR. Anything beyond an existing platonic line between Blair and Dan is a SHAME to watch. CHAIR-CHAIR-CHAIR


I'm a free gLeek, bb! Jesse St. James FTW! Ooh, and, Finn's a DOUCHE. ST. BERRY, ST. FABRAY, ST. FABERRY!

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Actually, Charice WILL Recur on Glee!

No offense to her fans but this is a pretty wrong move for Glee. Why can't they develop the first characters first before bombarding us with a plethora of incoming characters??? I can't even! Rachel/Lea will always be on top of my list. BTW, I'm a Filipino and sorry, I never liked her. Most of us don't. Most teenagers here don't. Really don't.


Mister Meester's wishful thinking made me more excited for Season 4! The finale might be shocking, devastating, or anything you wanna call it but at least the round table is pure awesomeness. 8)