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How much you wanna bet thats Katerina?


It wouldn't be klause's real father, because if you had forgotten, in an episode, I think it was Rebecca said that michel went on a rage, killed klause's real father and then his mother, but it was klause who killed his mom, but there could still be some truth to michel killing his real father, or klause did that to. Now,a lot of my answeres are taken, but here is my short list of answers: The original witch(klause's mother) even though shes "dead", Remember how bonnie cast a spell to fake her death?, Could be another original hybrid whom is dead set on the destruction of klause, An original we have not yet to hear about, but now one that I really can not believe no one said, Jonathon Gilbert(the one from when stefan and damen were human) could very well be the one in the coffin, maybe he was turned into a vampire, or maybe a witch has helped him survive all this time, the reason Klause would want it is because maybe Jonathan figured out how to kill a hybrid

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