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Once Upon a Time Review: The Unexpected Life

Ok here's my 2 cents on the mid-season finale and what's in store for everyone: Rumple = not dead, but no powers and he has returned to Enchanted Forest with everyone else. The seer told him the boy would be his undoing, well maybe the BOY was PAN, not Henry. His undoing most likely meant he would lose his powers. I seem to remember from the episode when he got the powers that the Dark One can't kill himself either, and isn't that what he technically did? Or did he, the dagger didn't go in deep enough...And I think that with whatever evil they're going to face in the Enchanted Forest, there will be a quest to FIND and RETURN Rumple's powers to him to help everyone, especially since they're going to need...
Emma/Henry= Will somehow get their memories back and go to Enchanted Forest
Neal = I think he's depressed and hiding out with Mulan and the Merry Men and Robin Hood, but he's Emma's one true love
Hook = Will end up with Tinkerbell
Regina = is not going to be on the wrong side of things the next half, she'll be a good guy
Black Fairy = Wicked Witch of the West

Alyssa lucker rawls

Did you notice how Luke said he was 'shooting blanks' but never denied sleeping with Viv? You'd think that if he didn't he'd at least say something like "I didn't do your wife". Oh Well....
Overall kind of a boring episode until the end, when Ben finally 'got it'. Now he's going to go all ape-sh*^ wondering how in the heck Moira changed from hot and sexy to old and creepy before his very eyes. NOW will someone believe poor Viv? Oh and BTW...the flies from next weeks episode..My guess is that VIOLET IS DEAD, and that's her body they find stashed away. She's been dead since the drug overdose.....only no one knows but Tate..

Alyssa lucker rawls
Game of Thrones Review: Who Died?

@jackpine, I too have read the books and watched the series and to your #3 point, I think they've done a good job of showing all of these characters have done evil. It was stated a few times in the series the atrocities the Targaryen's did (especially to Ned's sister) and Ned has stated a few times that the things they did were when we were at war. I don't recall Tywin Lannister being blamed for what happened to the Targaryen heirs in the series, in fact because of Robert's relationship to Ned, and the reference to what 'they did to your sister' several times, I think it makes it pretty clear who killed the Targaryen's. To me, watching Ned Stark's death onscreen was just as emotional as reading it. He was the only one at that point in the series that truly understood 'honor and duty', despite the actions of his past, which again, were done during war. He hated the fact that he committed such actions, but always reminds himself it was war.