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I'd like to see Jackson with Richard. In a conference room getting fired. GOOD BYE. Along with Reid. buh bye. No bite of Alex for her.


You know, I never got into the sex tape thing...but I'll make an exception for Eric Dane, the man is hottttttttttttttttt!!!!


you know, George's hands were pretty bad; so in my understanding it would take him quite a lot of time before he could go back to practicing surgery. It would be the financially sound option since he would only come back near the end of season 6. What about Izzie, has anyone heard anything?

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Izzie and Alex? (Relationships)

im sry, but i like that Cristina has a new love. She cant whine over losing Burke for the rest of her life. Although, I'm not sure I like Maj. Hunt. He's so rude and his emergency care techniques are so...weird and Karev's patient could've lost half his face. The pig thing was unorthodox...but hospitals all over the world use live tissue, aka animals...lol. But if you read the Writers' Blog on ABC, you'll see that they had a reason for using it!

Alex and Izzie: I really dont wanna get into this one more time so I'm going to state my opinion and respect the opinion of others. I really like them together and i really hope they stay together. Alex is learning to be a 1952 kinda guy. So for one second Iz made it 1952 and asked him to go steady. Cute, aint it?

And next week we know that Denny will show up...but in what circumstances?! I mean, we know Izzie isn't dying. And through the summary I understand that Hahn is gonna find out about the Izzie and Denny thing. So as we know Hahn to be a heartless cardiologist, she will probably think less of Izzie bc of it. So Izzie becomes the new Cristina for Hahn?


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Brave New World (Episodes)


i don like hahn either...which is the only reason i don like the whole callica thing. i really think callie deserves better after a bad marriage and being cheated on!

and she was rude to Mer. I mean if she wants to tell Cristina something, she should say it to her face! My fave scene with hahn was when the chief told her she was a bad teacher!!! she totally deserved to hear that! and she should compliment Mer for learning to do that suture or w/e she called it! shes trying to learn and hahn isnt helping much...no correction...she isnt helping cristina bc she was about to marry burke, the previous head of cardiac surgery! little does hahn know how much he hurt her when he left cristina standing in that church in the wedding dress she didn want and the without the eyebrows she didn want "mama" to take out! he shouldve stood up for his bride...and now cristina has to pay for it under hahns bad manners!

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