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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 83

Stefan: are you tired?
Elena: no, why?
Stefan: Cause your blood's been running through my mind all day.


Blair can end up with Chuck or Dan and I'd be happy either way. And just because Penn says Dair are "soulmates" does not mean it's romantic in any way. They truly are soulmates in that they are a great team together. They love each other in a way that best friends do. Sure there is more there than just the friend issue, but the fact is they ARE soulmates whether she ends up with him or not. And Chuck is her romantic perfect match. They have amazing chemistry she's never had with anyone else. I just wish they would get rid of Louis already. He brings nothing to the table. I never liked him from day one. And for some reason I am always waiting for his evil side to come out! I don't know why but the whole perfect man angle makes me think he's hiding something.


All I have to say is the baby is CHUCK'S!
Blair went to Chuck first in order to see his reaction when she told him it was Louis' to see if it meant anything to him. Of course Chuck being Chuck and wanting to protect her was happy for her & Louis (on the outside). Notice how shocked she was at his humanity in keeping Monkey, she expected he would not want a baby to be his.
But Blouis will soon end and Chuck & Blair will be back together where they belong, baby in tow (eventually). I just hope Chuck doesn't self-destruct before then... It's a slippery slope for him...