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Breaking Bad Review: Show Them the Money

This isn't a freakish reality tv show, it's a fictional portrayal of crazy circumstances. Hell, the fact that supposedly all this happened in a "year" is a harder pill for me to swallow, yet I do because everything else is awesome. Gun fights are almost never realistic in movies or TV, and I've seen many in my almost 4 decades of watching TV that were the same or even less realistic. Beyond that, the fact that the start of everything was filmed in slow motion, we don't know when the "real time" started, and even then they are shooting with a wide range of guns which have dramatically different reaches and weapon spreads. Why am I even trying to discuss this, really. It's fabricated reality, and if you were accepting of everything else that happened for the 6 years prior to this, then swallowing an unrealistic shoot out seems kind of obvious. As for the cliffhanger ending, sure we know Walt lives and the rest of the world finds out who he really is, but we don't know if anyone else survives, I doubt EVERYONE else will die, someone beyond Walt makes it, we just don't know who. Personally, I'm invested 200% in the show. We all know that Walt has become "Scarface" minus also being addicted to coke, so I doubt he's just going to turn himself in, and I also doubt that he's going to go quietly. The show is about the characters and the tension, not about being "realistic" as nothing to this point has been based in our reality, I could bring up endless issues over the years that, if this bothers people, would have driven them up a wall. You clearly wouldn't be still watching. As for why end at a cliffhanger, I ask why not? It's what makes "next week" so damn exciting, versus a "cool, that ended. Next week will be fun". If you have no interest in dealing with it, just queue up the shows on your DVR and watch them back to back. God this world is filled with a bunch of whiners.

New Girl Review: Pogo Sticks

@Simon - enough. This dish shilling is stupid, arrogant and I don't care how good the hopper is, these "ads" are an embarrassing thing for your company. It's like you're an unattractive brainless person who is trying to be cool, you just look stupid. Go away, you're not converting anyone no matter how cool you try to sound. I know what you are, you're a Narc. You're trying to pretend to be a typical site surfer, yet you use so many buzz words that it's like you are 50 with a white full beard trying to pass for a high school student.

Up All Night Review: Saturday Night Jive

Sadly UAN is done. This episode was missing depth and laughs, and can't stand up to its competition. Without Ava's show, there is no UAN and to think, I fell in love with this show late last season.

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