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Supernatural Review: The End of Bobby Singer?

The writing was fantastic, but it feels like the writers really are at a fork in the road. If Castiel and Bobby are NOT returning, it seems like the writers don't plan on having a Season 8, and we are moving toward the end of the series. If this is the case, Bobby's character got a powerful ending, worthy of the character... although I really can't stand to think we've lost him. Castiel's character did not get that kind of goodbye. If we are getting those two necessary characters, who are part of the family back, maybe the writers plan to do something really phenomenal. I am not sure. But to be honest, I feel a bit too much like Sam and Dean must feel right now. I'm losing my faith in the fact that any of this can possibly come together in a way that will leave me feeling okay with it all. Maybe this is what the writer's wanted for the cliffhanger, but it doesn't feel like a cliffhanger normally feels really. I'm actually depressed insomuch as one can feel depressed over one's favorite TV show.