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Ellen Pompeo is a Mom!

Congrats to Ellen and Chris :D Love the name!


T.R. is George. If T.R. is leaving the show, kill George. I rather see him dead than another guy portariding him... Wouldn't realistic, imo! Besides, too soap-opera...


If George lives, his arm will be fine. If you see the quotes from the episode, during his first surgery (still as John Doe): "Derek: How's the arm?
Mark: The nerves are still intact, I just have to reattach the vessels." He doesn't have nerve damage, that would mean intense therapy or losing his arm funtion. Burke had problems because his nerves were affected, George's nerves are ok. Now, he just needs to stay alive!

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Izzie (Episodes)

Izzie left because KH asked for a 5 week leave to shoot her new movie. That's probably why she was fired on Grey's, to justify her absence on the show...

Maybe not the best storyline, but she's still on the show...

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Worst Relationship and why? (Relationships)

- Gizzie as a couple (didn't work out imo)

- Addisex (just a fling and felt so sorry for Mark, he was behaving good for her and she had sex with Alex..)

- Derek and Rose (she was too suggary and turn out to be a real bit**)

- Slexie (just yuck! Make me not like Mark that much and he's one of my fav)

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Best friendships (Relationships)

- Mark and Callie

- Mark and Derek

- Bailey and Addison

- Callie and Addison

- Mer and Alex

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