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While I would be thrilled to see Booth and Brennan explore a relationship, I can only think back to Moonlighting, which had phenomenal success...till Bruce Willis' and Cybil Shephard's characters hooked up. If the upcoming season were to be the last, I would say go for it. But till then, I'd rather see them awkwardly flirting and dancing around the issue.


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Unfortunately, I have to disagree with a few points raised by the reviewer here.

I'm disappointed slightly with the reviewer's questions regarding Dale and Andrea. Their connection had been explained previously by Dale, actually. He'd reminded Andrea that she and her sister had come into his life following the death of his wife, and he had come to care a great deal for them. So the father/daughter dynamic is not as surprising as the reviewer suggest. Rather, knowing how they feel for each other, it was a smart play. Either she comes to her senses and leaves, or they go together in the fire. It was a move that would have had an understandable reasoning behind it regardless the outcome.

Another point of contention is Shane during the flashback. Clearly, had Shane truly thought his partner dead, there would have been no reason to block the door. Instead, Shane's actions appear to be those of someone fighting a losing battle. With the military sweeper team on one side gunning down all that moves, and the walkers coming from the other side, he saved himself by barricading the door.

I have to disagree with the previous comments regarding the CDC timetable. Without humans to pack and ship fuel, and then to fill the tanks, it seems entirely reasonable that power should fail and the Final Solution become necessary to prevent th release of the Big Bads the CDC is holding.

However, I do agree that the weapons issue bothers me. Any fan of survival horror games, or FPS games knows that Rule One is "Weapon up." So I'm hoping this is an issue that's more addressed in the next season.

As for the doctor's whispered words to Rick... I think someone is infected. Since Amy's death, I've believed it was Andrea. She was covered in Amy's blood. It is not outside the realm of possibility that she got some of that blood in a mucous membrane, or in her mouth, or some other way contaminated herself. Of course, part of me is hoping that there was enough power for the cameras and maybe Jenner caught a peek of Shane's attempted rape of Lori, and put a bug in Rick's ear.

All in all, not a very clear review of the episode. The posted comments show more attention and insight.