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NCIS Review: Just Get a Divorce ...

Finally! After the last two episodes, I was about to give up on this show. So glad to see the complex plot, the humor, the mystery, the multiple levels of understanding, and Gibbs back in control of things. Hope this keeps up!!

NCIS Review: "Out of the Frying Pan"

This was the worst episode I have ever seen, and I've seen them all and loved most of them. This was a case of everyone going after one suspect, the suspect not defending himself, and Vance and Tony going out of control. The interrogations were out of control and chaotic - talk about overkill! The show lacked all of the complex forensic techniques usually demonstrated. The plot was so thin. And worst of all, the new character is just a shadow - threatening to replace Gibbs. I don't like it!! If this represents what we'll see this season, I may have to opt out of watching.