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Is anyone else tired of Izzy/Katherine?

lene, I totally agree with you about GGI. I stopped going there because there is so much hate for no reason and the multishipping is driving me insane. >.<


And about Izzie, she is by far my favourite character on Grey's and I love her relationship with Alex. I really hope it lasts.

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All Things Chair

Only five more hours!! SQUEE!!! I'm so excited!! I kept smiling all day at school and my friends are totally creeped out by me. This is my very first time watching a brand new episode so I'm totally dying over here..someone put that promo on youtube (the Canadian one BTW..)

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Fanfic recommendations

Sorry to hijack the thread a bit, but does anyone know of any good chair fanfics? The ones I've been reading have been good, until they make Blair prego..and for some reason I hate when the author does that. Thanks so much for any sugestions. :)

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