Anna, 16, New Zealand. Up to 5x10 on TV, watch them online... waaay to impatient. Fave couple... Merder, duh
Fave moment of this season... Proposal, and Derek hugging Mer after she watches the execution :)
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A MerDer Kiss

But... what part of the epi was this in?


Grey Matter , you're awesome.


If it's the latter, how will Meredith's absence be explained?
to ellis' grave?
She washed her ashes down the Scrub Sink, remember? Haha grave in the sewers of Seattle :)

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Here's to the Future/Now or Never: season finale (Episodes)

That was absolutely amazing. Shocking, teffifying, and amazing. Congrats GA =]


The Izzie situation... I cried from happiness, then saddness, then shock.

George... amazing writing, great sotryline, but seriously? I love George!

The McWedding was good, not official, but very Merder.

Im happy for Christina and Owen

I was dissapointed with the Mark/Lexie thing, but I guess Chyler was pregnant so...

Alex crying when Izzie flatlined was simply amazing

And the little Christina/Mer moment was cute

Callie was a bitch to Arizona, but she has her reasons


All in all, I'm back to watching the first four seasons of Grey's for the winter (I live in New Zealand) and kicking back, throwing things at Rose on-screen and cheering Merder on. I love looking back on eps and knowing what happens in the future, it's so wonderfully...ironic? In a good way. See you all in SEASON SIX!!

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Here's to the Future/Now or Never: season finale (Episodes)


oh no. buzz cut? army.

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Here's to the Future/Now or Never: season finale (Episodes)

Like... seven hours left ;)

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