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I ship Chair. nothing against Dair. i just ship Chair   end  of  story       only thing i ship way harder is Blerena and Nuck   cause  they  are  FTMFW :D
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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 132

Blair: What are you doing here?
Jenny: oh, just dropping off this mask that i got from Juliet's place. she was the one behind what happened to Serena. I'll explain that to you later. But first, do you happen to have a tampon that you're not using.
Blair: I guess that means you're not secretly pregnant with Chuck's baby, so i think i can help.
Jenny: oh no, i am. That's not why i asked. i like to put the strings in my hair.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 132

Jenny: Blair, I'm sorry to bother you but I promise i'm here to help. It's about Serena.
Blair: how? what's that in your hand?
Jenny: A mask
Blair: Then why don't you help me by using it to hide your face.


fuck yeah! :D

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Did they forgot about the baby?

well i don't think there's anythign wrong with  the fact that they haven't mentioned the baby. expect the made obvious reference to the baby with the paternity test blast this episode. obviously Blair or Louis hasn't forgotten she's pregannt

But i do enjoy that this baby is not being mentioned every second of everyday. it's not an overpowering thing on Blair. I like that she can take her mind off the baby and focus on herself and her friends for a moment. This shower had nothing to do with the baby. It was about the wedding and her friends so i don't see why it was necessary to bring up the baby.

and Blair didn't casually break up with Louis as you guys are putting it. She said she needed time to think about the 'future' of their relation. Key word here 'future' meaning she aspires to one for their relationship. and just because somebody is pregnant doesn't mean they can't take time off to think about their relationship if the relationship is not working. Being pregnant with Louis's potential child doesn't mean she has to stick it out with Louis forever. She still has a choice as a person. this baby doesn't rule her life. and this episode clearly shows Blair has other things to focus on besides thins baby. if the relationship doesn't work. it's not the end of the world. many people are single parents, co-parents and not spouses. Well tbh i think she did the grown up thing this episode andd several times Blair kept touching her stomach affectionately. it's clearly giving hints she didn't forget about the baby.

 i don't understand why she can't ask to take time to think about the relationship just cause she's pregnant? she's still Blair Waldorf, whether or not there's a baby in between she still has a choice to make for herself and everything is not about the baby. she can't just care about this baby and forget about herself.

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0




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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Anne hun I just called you Anna and I know how you hate that..ooops

I just had an image of you turning into a very pretty but scary incredible hulk

lol. i forgive you.

Annie, to which one? We discussed the book spoilers, they are on SpoilerTV. Here's the link: It's mentioned in several spoiler blogs as you can see. Kirstin, Ausiello and all.

well i think i've read all these spoilers before. idk what to say about them except i'm ready to see how the book coming out plays out. i'd love to read what he says in there about Blair

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