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anne st

I ship Chair. nothing against Dair. i just ship Chair








only thing i ship way harder is Blerena and Nuck







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Anne st
Gossip Girl Caption Contest 132

Blair: What are you doing here?
Jenny: oh, just dropping off this mask that i got from Juliet's place. she was the one behind what happened to Serena. I'll explain that to you later. But first, do you happen to have a tampon that you're not using.
Blair: I guess that means you're not secretly pregnant with Chuck's baby, so i think i can help.
Jenny: oh no, i am. That's not why i asked. i like to put the strings in my hair.

Anne st
Gossip Girl Caption Contest 132

Jenny: Blair, I'm sorry to bother you but I promise i'm here to help. It's about Serena.
Blair: how? what's that in your hand?
Jenny: A mask
Blair: Then why don't you help me by using it to hide your face.

Anne st

fuck yeah! :D