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The "ginger ale" thing got on my nerves because in many earlier episodes, Amelia was ALWAYS hanging out at Addison's house drinking her share of red wine. So are they now suddenly going to make the accidental "taste" of champagne a trigger for relapse for her? That will be so annoying because they had so many scenes of Amelia drinking red wine -- and this was AFTER they had already identified her as a recovered addict. Not that there is anything realistic about this show, but the blatant inconsistency will be a problem. Maybe that's not what they are leading up to, but it seemed that way after watching that scene. Also, Violet is THE most self absorbed and narcissistic character on that show. Her BS push to make Addison wait to do the D and C on crazy girl is crazy medical advice. I would NOT want her to be my doctor. She is always so certain in her certainty, and generally her judgment is whacked. That Alex Kingston character actually hit the nail on the head re: her. And it seems some of the other characters always want to make Violet out to be as the most caring of the other partners, but Violet seems the most self absorbed. Hell, she didn't know who the father of her baby was, but she's wanting to advise others on their best courses in life? She's had issues long before the Lucas was cut out of her. And what's up with her now wearing really heavy eye makeup all the time? Not the most professional look. And, as a total unrelated aside, the actress who plays Violet is married to the guy who was dating the actress Rebecca Schaeffer when she was murdered. It always struck me as a little creepy that he ended up marrying Amy Brenneman, who has always looked a lot like Rebecca Schaeffer. But I wish they'd do something to make Violet a little less self absorbed and a little more likable. She and Naomi are the two characters I've found most annoying this season. I was glad Charlotte and Cooper ended up getting married.

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