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Michael Weatherly is so talented, interesting to watch, and handsome. His Tony hasn't had a story arc that actually focused on his character since season 4. I really wish that tptb would give him a big multi episode crime arc this season. I'm tired of Gibbs, and formerly Ziva, being the only one who gets big stories. I watch the show for hero, great agent Tony, not supporting cast to everyone else's big dramas, butt monkey Tony and that's mostly what we've been served for the last 7 seasons.


You're right Aurora B - and that scenario would be an awesome outcome for lots of NCIS fans. The creators of NCIS seem to be sitting on the fence. While the drama is not, and never has been cutting edge and of the same quality as something like Breaking Bad, it has thus far, (and especially in the early seasons) had a unique cast of characters with fun and at times, clever interactions and stories. I don't know if they've run out of ideas or if the push to fanwank certain characters is the driving force, but they do seem now headed down the road of mundane and utterly uninspired will they/ won't they type plot lines. Front and center.

NCIS Cast Dishes on 200th Episode

Guess we'll have to disagree Janet. Once Shane Brennan took over in season 5, he began to chip away at Tony, and pump up Ziva as the only other smart and skilled field agent besides Gibbs. By season 7, Tony was one upped constantly in the bullpen, he could no longer fight and we had scene after scene with Ziva stepping in to save him, his character was made to say and do humiliating things every week, and the rest of the team treated him with nasty and superior disdain. Gone was DPB's Tony of Missing, Chained, Boxed In, Undercover, or Bait. You know, the Tony who was cast in the danger and hero moments and was written as a brave, brilliant hero. And while I appreciate that this season Tony seems to have gained some of his competence and dignity back, the show still seems to shove Ziva and Gibbs as the only two allowed to be cast in the danger and hero scenes, down our throats. Still no hero Tony. All action predictably goes to wonder Ziva and super Gibbs. It's so predictable.

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