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Love this show..... totally loved this final.... the emotional ups and downs was quite a ride...... to be honest I actually prefer NCIS:LA over NCIS
I am a Deeks fan and have to say @ Blu 's comments re Deeks (and Tony) are dead on
Possibly the people with the violence issues should watch the final again to see that what they perceive as 'shown' torture was actually in their imagination after the fact ....
..... my only character beef is Sam's attitude to Deeks but hopefully this will change as of next season. @ Sue ...... Ditto
@ random...... some type of punctuation and uppercase please!!

Grimm Review: The Game Changer

great final......I'm definitely hoping that its Mamma that comes and kicks some serious Eric butt to get her baby boy back!!!


@Richard...interesting thoughts... thanks for a different prospective