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Ellen Pompeo Open to Grey's Anatomy Return

Okay, I could never have imagined that i'd be saying this, because I am like the biggest FAN of Grey's but, maybe it's just the time to end the show. Seriously, think about season 1-2-3 even 5 and 6 and what you've felt while watching. Do you feel it now? You know, all the "seriously" and "mc" thing and more. I don't think it would be interesting even if they kept the "seriously" thing. I wanted the show to air for EVER. But, it lost it's soul. Bailey going crazy in every episode? Meredith still not knowing what to do. Even that interesting christina character is getting boring. All I hope is, a really really good FÄ°NALE. Better than season 3, better than season 6. And even better than SEASON 6. FÄ°NALE! Can you imagine a finale with the old characthers back? JUST FOR AN EPÄ°SODE. Can you imagine seeing Ä°zzie in the hospital again? Can you imagine they remembering George with NEW memories? And even Burke and Denny are back? For such a finale episode i would die! And Grey's would be unforgettible for EVER. Just saying. LOL

Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode: Confirmed!

just give them a chance, i think it'll be great.
Especially if they sing; A Bitter Song (meredith drowning) ,Timeless ( derek saving meredith), Breathe (meredith with a bomb lol) , How to save a life, Chasing Cars, Keep Breathing ( Christina and Burke, Burke leaving, christina crying), Nowhere Warm and... OFF I GO (izzie - george S5 finale)... The songs made the show even better...