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Dexter Preview: Another Shocking Return

i really hope this will be a turning point for the season - it looks very interesting placing Trinity's son in his father's place! but then again, best not to get the hopes up too high..


i thought it was a great opener. I agree with the point that it was a bit too "clunky" with all the catching up that was needed, but it was just that. Needed. either way, it felt like the old Dexter again. Complex, fast paced. Consuming. nothing like season 5, which, in my opinion, up until the last couple of episodes, contained no catch, nothing to hold my viewership. this season looks promising, and it's the first time i've really truly enjoyed a Dexter episode since season 4.

Gossip Girl Round Table: Season Five Premiere

Okay, so correct me if I'm wrong but the timing of her pregnancy is a bit off.
Blair left for Monaco for six weeks, just after she took the test. Two weeks before that was Chuck, and however many weeks before was Dan. Now, in between those times, Louis has been the constant bedcover over our favorite Waldorf, so why does it have to be such a mystery?
The tailor said around 6 weeks along, so even if Blair was pregnant to Chuck - or even Dan! - she would be a lot closer to 8-10 weeks along...
Personally, I'd love it to be Chucks and have this happily ever after, but Occam's Razor suggests otherwise.

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Better Queen\Bigger Bitch

Definitely Blair. Jenny lacks the cool togetherness of a Queen. Blair had everything - looks, style, resources and brains. Jenny just has, well, drugs and legs. Oh, and ratty extensions, too!

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Season 2 - Loose Ends!

Hey, has anyone else wondered whatever happened to Lily's sister, Carol?

She was only ever mentioned in the one half-plashback episode (Valley Girls), a few times in the present-day scenes, but never again? Nor was her whereabouts or living conditions.

Now I am awhere of the spin-off series they were aiming to create through that episode - but why not tie up the loose end that is Carol? Unless they're going to introduce her later... which I doubt.

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