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TOBY is good!!

Im very torn between Tobys motives at the moment.. I am currently in the process of REwatching PLL after learning of his apparent role in the A-team. I know Marlene King said he has no good intentions, but lets face it they arent going to ruin the show for us.. So maybe these bad intentions are not directed to the liars themselves but the "A" team! WetPaint discussed the fact that Toby is capable of Murder; based on his trips to reform school and the shrink, and the fact that there are never any parents present in his life.. every wonder why they're never home? This brings me back to the Scene where Toby is driving Emily to the hospital after theyre altercation at the dance, he looks completely remorseful and terrified behind the wheel as he pulls up to the hospital, doesnt seem like the demenor of a person capable of killing, stealing a body and sending out teeth. Pretty much all my evidence points towards Toby being a good guy, I just cant wrap my head around a few of his moves.. Like that tattoo he has.. I know he SAYS its the day his incestus relationship ended with Jenna, but the fact that it supposedly ended the exact day Ali dissapears is pretty fishy! And why was he so hard at work to get that anke monitor off? He also makes a comment to Emily about her and Maya before anyone knows about her sexuality and last but certainly not least... What on Earth was toby doing in the girls locker room that day he saved Emily from her EX?

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