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Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Stupid Hormones!

Pretty comical and looked an impressively sexy. Huh! ;)


1. -Meredith and Richard dialogues between. I love that Meredith knew right away and Richard wasn't completely alone at the end there. Heartbreaking, is the highlight of the show. 2. -It was nice to see Bailey find a relationship with someone who can accept her and support each other. 3. -Alex and Jo: I am glad that nothing happened yet between them, good sign I guess/hope. 4. -Wrecked the Owen character and this couple came to an end. This really a toxic relationship based on sex and trauma. Their response to any problem between them is to rip each other's clothes off. 5. -RIP Adele. I never liked Adele, but I was sorry for the chief.


The episode was so aimless, confusing and without a focus. Many important stories competing with each other. But 40 minutes little time for so much. Thus, almost all of it was pointless and stupid.
The writing was admittedly weak, the saving grace of this show is the actors ability to work with the writing they are given and seemed to be having so much fun that I got past that. Best: James P, Sara R, Jessica C, Chandra W, and yes, Ellen P… brilliant, but definitely overshadowed in this episode. She had the least screen time of probably anyone, and yet she did really good work.
That biker gang thing was so out of place and clumsy. The patients usually add to the SLs underlying theme but the bikers added absolutely nothing. Jackson just falls for girls easily, Lexie, then April and now his wild attraction to Stephanie. I don't mind the interns in small doses, but I'm not interested in watching their own personal private dramas.

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