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The stories should be character-driven again. No more silly plot devices or stunt casting that lead the characters into situations that are not believable, even in the ultra surreal world of Gossip Girl. Plus, the cast needs to be an ensemble again. The Non-Judging Breakfast Club should have one last season together before they truly go off on their own. More about the "scandalous lives of Manhattan's Elite!" Dan and Blair together is not scandalous. Chuck and Blair together is not scandalous (thanks to the writers killing them) Hell, Serena and Ben are not scandalous. But Charlie/Ivy and Georgina all over the UES/Brooklyn--Now that is FIRE!!


Blair didn't really make the choice on her own, did she? I mean she was going to leave Louis, but Chuck persuaded her to be happy with Louis and live her fairytale. So, I don't think Blair really made a decision... As far as the episode as a whole. It was okay. I just thought more of the kidnapping scheme would have taken place. It kind of just ended with Chuck, Nate and Raina rushing to the rescue. I just seem rushed and unresolved, although, I know it is resolved. Glad Vanessa is leaving, but since she is getting the manuscript published, I guess she will never truly be gone due to an angry Dan searching for her. Georgina is always fun, but why was she there? Yes. Yes, she is setting up future storylines, but her presence was kind of awkward. Oh well, whatever. Season five Georgie better bring the fun and mischief! Charlie...didn't see that one coming. I could've cared less for that particular arc, but knowing now who she isn't, this will be interesting. I am glad Serena was actually shown as being smart. Her love of Fitzgerald is finally being put to good use. Good for her...and speaking of S, I think it is she that is with child. Why? Well, the producers have already said that eventhough Ben's storyarc is resolved, that doesn't close the door on a possible Ben return. Also, Blair being pregnant is too obvious because she sleep with Louis and Chuck, many weeks apart. Aaaannnnddd those very same producers have said that Dan and Blair will have interaction in the fifth season. Wouldn't a baby put a damper on that? Anyway, Serena's behavior and lackluster attempt at smacking down Blair was so uninspired that the only explanation could be her hormones are out of whack. Lackluster ending to a lackluster season. I hope I remember to watch the season premiere cause I am not anxious with anticipation to what will happen. So, I guess we will wait and see this fall. I know I can wait.


This was classic Gossip Girl. Wow! Charlie is just creepy enough to be interesting. Always love that slimey Jack Bass! I just didn't see half that stuff coming. Wow!! This was one of the best episodes in a very, very, very, very long time. That or I was just excited to see Nate finally do something. :-)

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CHAIR BABY!?!?!?!! (Spoilers)

I watched the episode for the second time with the intent of trying to pick up clues and I really think those point to Serena.  Given that the writers have stated in interviews that the Ben storyline is not over, but was concluded for Season 4 was my first clue.  The rest of the clues were from Serena herself.  Her speech to Charlie, the apology to the guys, her deciding on not going for a few days with Blair, and the fact that she choose herself--for once.  I know alot of people make the argument that Ben and Serena haven't been together for a long time, but in the real world, it is not all that uncommon for a woman to find out she is indeed pregnant until after the first trimester (the first 3 months of pregnancy).  Most women don't show the "visible" signs of pregnancy until after the first trimester.  Not to be graphic, but her cycles could be such that not having one would not have been a cause of concern for her.  and it is possible to still have a light cycle (although not very common, but it does happen and the woman still has a normal, healthy pregnancy) in the early stages of pregnancy, so that still would not have been a concern. But the clue that sealed it for me was when they showed Dorota coming through Serena's room and stopping at the door which leads to Serena's room from the bathroom and emptying that garbage pail.  I would think that that bathroom, with its long sink/vanity, would have more than one garbage pail.  So, Blair's pail would be at the entrance to her room as Serena's pail was at the entrance to her room. 

I am sticking with Serena as the Mama-to-be because Blair will have too much going on.  The writers said "Dair" is far from over.  We got a clue of that from Vanessa's reference to "and not Serena" and the significant look on Eric's face when Dan said goodbye to Blair and Eric's comment to Rufus about Dan wanting to get out of the city and not because of Charlie.  Plus, Blair does have a wedding to plan (although I don't think she will go through with it) and that is enough to occupy her time for at least the first third of the season.  So, as much as I would love for Blair to be the mama and have a who's the daddy arc, I really don't think the writers are going to go there.  That is too obvious.  I think it is Serena's turn to have the "pregnancy scare." 

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4x22 Episode preview (Spoilers)

Georgina!!!  That is all.  *giggle*

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What the hell is Eva doing in the finale?

I was thinking could it be possible that Clemence Posey is listed in the cast credits because Chuck may go through a type of flashback, life-flashing-before-your-eyes type of thing like earlier in the season and if she does appear in the flashback she would have to be credited even if she physically didn't shoot scenes for the finale?  (Wow,  that is one long grammatically incorrect sentence. )

Just my thoughts...

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