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I think in "Pyramid" will see the following:
1 - SecNav Phillip Davenport was the one who pressured Vance to put Barrett in charge of the Port-to-Port Killer case.
2 - SecNav Davenport knew about the project Frankestein and worked with the CIA to carry out. When Cobb became a serial murderer wanted to quiet the matter by putting Barrett in the case. He knew that Gibbs would not stay silent on this issue, especially when it affected a naval officer.
3 - Gibbs learns more dirty things about SecNav in Decker's files. Issues that involves Director Vance.
4 - Gibbs forcing Davenport to resign (or will send the files to the Congress). So there will be a new Secretary of the Navy (Clayton Jarvis). That is why Gary Glasberg says PIRAMYD "it's a reference to where the weight and the power fall".
It's just my prediction for the next episode.

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NCIS Review: Mike Franks' Swan Song

This is one of the best episodes I've seen in the series. I only regret the Mike's death. But it served for the first time we know how are the thoughts of Gibbs. I wonder if in many cases, Gibbs imagine what Mike Franks would say or would make. I think so, because Tony is the same with Gibbs.
I repeat: A great episode and a wonderful TV show!!!

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I think Ray joins the Gibbs' team to search for Ziva. In the photo of Gibbs, Tony and McGee enter a barn, he's behind Gibbs. At least I think it's CIRay. Also shown in extended promo.