Hi guys! I'm French and just like everyone else here addicted to GG! OMG this show is the best one I've ever watched!
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Georgina!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what desperate situation needs her back!

Ed Westwick: Dressed to Impress

I miss his hair from season 1 too, he looked more devilish;) But better clothes this season!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 31

Jenny: What??? I'm ranked 1st?? That's awesome! Vogue's editor: You think it's great to be considered as the "worst make-up attempt of the year at a fashion show"? Jenny: I do, it means I'll do your magazine's cover next month! Maybe my future as a fashion designer is over but it's just the beginning of my model career!

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serena + new guy + anne hathaway + georgina = one big finale! (Spoilers)

Sounds really good! Can't wait for that!

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Favourite scene of G.G

For myself my favorite GG scene ever is the hug at the end of 2x13, when Chuck is crying in her arms... it was incredibly sweet and showed their love and attention for each other.

I also loved Blair's ILY in the street and I'm pretty sure Chuck's will be even better and might be my favorite scene... I'm just waiting impatiently for this to happen!

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LMAO that was freaking amazing and funny, you crazy guys rock!

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