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I wonder why Justin Chambers did not get nominated ... and Katherine Heigl also ... they both were great during this season. I loved this season coz of them


What a Blair :P


Izzie is confusing ... she told Denny she chooses life and now she says this?

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OMG Have you seen?

wow this is a great site :) Izzie's pretty busy with this one

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Lexie Grey been eating A LOT

On the first sneak peak she ate Izzie's fries = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=785aIXyjumw

Then another sneak peak she ate chocolate = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glnS2y9vJco

Even though they say they wont write her pregnancy on the show, but it seems to me Lexie's craving is like real life pregnancy cravings :P

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Congratulations Ellen! Pregnant - Confirmed :)

I wish Katherine Heigl would be pregnant too ... so that there would be another baby ... just to know what will happen to those frozen eggs :P

It would be nice to see 2 doctors pregnant on the show ... it's gonna be crazy :)

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