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NCIS Review: Hashtag Rescue

They need to hire another agent to replace Ziva. Great to see Gibbs smile. He should do more of that. I enjoyed the episode.

NCIS Season Premiere Review: The Aftermath

It was an OK episode. I'm tired of the whole Tiva thing. They should just move on with this story line. I'm happy to see Gibbs building something again. Some of the best dialogue and most interesting scenes take place in the basement. I really wish the writers and directors would make Gibbs more animated this season. Sometimes he seems like a robot with no humor or emotion and, of course, I want to see him in a real relationship with an interesting woman.

NCIS Review: Look to Yourself

At first I thought Gibbs and ryan were a good match but now i think it stinks. I don't think Gibbs fully trusts her. She's slimy and pushy. Her son is just a needless complication in their relationship. Abby was the perfect choice for best woman. The episode reached a conclusion much too quickly. Its seems that the last couple of shows should be 2 hours instead of 1 because the writers set up a really juicy scenario and then BAM! it's over. Not very satisfying and a little anti climatic.

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