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Taylor Momsen Discusses Nudity, Masturbating

Wow Taylor thinks she is the only girl in the world who masturbates...jesus fucking christ get over yourself

Waldorf in Paris

such a beautiful dress...easily one of the best we've seen on Blair

Bandw even more convinced that Jenny and Chuck sleep together. Not feeling re-assured... FUCK YOU WRITERS SERIOUSLY

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new blair/chuck picture? (Spoilers)

Either this is a dream or they are getting married.

If they really do get married by the end of the season, we all know it will get fucked up in season 5 somehow O.o

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About that 2nd Kiss in Promo 4x18- (Spoilers)

Vanessa wouldn't wear that dress...that is Blair's style.


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this IS actually amazing... (Spoilers)

found them on ones they have atm

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