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Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Save Me For Once!

Almost correct... but the absolute worst character on TV w/no redeeming qualities is/was Nancy Botwin...the white trash version of Serena.

Sparks Will Fly For Sure

They couldn't even steam Sage's Fabio-from-Project-Runway-looking ensemble? Fail on you, Eric Daman. Unless, of course, the fold wrinkles are meant to indicate what a low-rent Serena-poser Sage really is.

Dexter Review: Are You a Serial Killer?

I think LaGuerta was shady about the slide because it implies that a person of significant experience and habit (i.e. one of Miami Metro's finest) participated in Travis's demise. Then, when Masuka helps link this case to the Bay Harbor Butcher (he references Doakes taking blood slides), LaGuerta recalls the evidence that the BHB had to have been a member of Miami Metro...now, however, she realizes it wasn't Doakes. She correctly suspects that the BHB is not only behind Travis's death, but alive and well as an employee in her precinct. Or maybe she's a dumb ho who forgot about the federal charges linked to evidence tampering and obstruction of justice. Probably just a dumb ho.