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Parenthood Review: Sarah Smiles

I just enjoy every show. The complete vulnerability on Alex's face when he told Hattie that he couldn't lose her... she's all he had... was priceless and so gut wrenching. Did she appreciate the full gravity of his words? I hope so. She knew he had an addiction to alcohol and should have realized that asking him to a party with booze was not a good choice. She's not as mature as she would appear. I just love Sarah and Mark together. They have tremendous chemistry. Looking for this relationship to further develop. Well, I could go on and on.... :)


I think some are missing the point that the title "The Good Wife" implies that Alicia is the perfect model of the perfect human being. She is flawed and human as the rest of us. She was deeply wounded by her husband's infidelity. Of course, she was looking for comfort and she went for it in Will's arms-- someone who she's had residual feelings for for quite some time. Things happen. Let's see what happens next season.