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Dexter Review: The Return of Who?!?

Thank you reckonerX for also noticing the relationship between Travis and Gellar. I've been thinking the same thing since around episode 3, went back to review the earlier episodes to confirm my suspicions and have been paying attention to the relationship in every episode since. Travis told Dexter that Gellar did the killings, but Travis is the one we see with all the victims. No one seems to see or interact with Gellar (including the victims) except Travis. In public, Gellar doesn't touch anything that would be noticed by someone else (like the newspaper with his picture). He drinks from a coffee cup, which is probably also imaginary and handles objects that only Travis sees him handling. I think we'll find out soon that Travis is psychotic and imagining all his conversations with Gellar and confirm that Travis is the responsible party for everything basing his murders on Gellar's teachings. He probably also murdered Gellar 3 years ago which may have set him off in the direction he's taken. Travis will be the main victim on Dexter's table this season. I am sorry that we've lost Brother Sam, I think it might have been an interesting story line to have him continue to interact with Dexter and either start Dexter turning Brother Sam back to his own darkness and end up on Dexter's table or have Dexter starting to see his own light and eventually rejecting it to follow his Dark Passenger. I'm enjoying this season so far but can do without Quinn's "I'll show Deb I can do without her" attitude (I can do without his character totally) and LaGuerta's attempts to get Deb in trouble by giving her bad advice to make herself look good. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.