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The series is enjoyable and the characters interact on a high level. Don't want to throw cold water on anything but am I the only one who thinks by now, Crane should be wearing something else other than clothes well over 200 years old? I can buy the premise but at some point, doesn't Crane have to reflect the 21st century if for nothing else, his clothes?
I know this is fiction but...........


I agree with you Kate. A baby for Jane would not fit into the show at all. Maybe a failed pregnancy has already been setup when Jane mentioned she did not want to sit behind a desk and without her action filled role, the show wouldn't be the same.

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The Mentalist Review: It's About Time

Well, rationalgal2, now you have drawn me into the discussion, shame on you. My observation on the RJ ending. I guessed it would be the least likely one of the group Jane gathered but will admit I was surprised I was right. However, the choice of all of the candidates did not make sense and did not fit the profile I had built on the real RJ. It was my conclusion that he would have a very magnetic personal appeal in a non-threatening and passive manner. He would be inviting to people who are prone to being easily led and looking for someone who would have total control of their lives and would do anything he wished or told them to do. Someone who could easily manipulate devoted followers, even to committing murder, torture, and any heinous act he could come up with. I did not see the sheriff as someone who could be able to control others without using intimidation and anger. That to me did not fit the RJ profile. And, I do agree there are more RJ disciples out there and if the RJ that was killed is the real thing, will his followers continue his sick ways? But, it would be great if the writers could bring the RJ meme to a close as quickly as possible. After reading your comments and comments by others, the loose threads are too numerous to be left hanging without a final resolution. If we keep the Charles Manson and Jim Jones type characters in mind, they were able to control their loyal followers to the point of being willing to die for them. That is the problem I have with the way RJ ended.

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