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Gossip Girl Season Three Report Card: B

Best character: Definitly Chair Worst character: bitchy Serena and Jenny this season Best guest star: Jack Bass, Georgina, Damien, William van der Woodsen Worst guest star: Olivia Burke ( Hillary Duff ), Lady GaGa, Holland Best episode: The Empire strikes Jack Worst episode: Dr.Estrangeloved Best storyline: The Jack Bass and Blair storyline. Worst storyline: Rufus/Lily lovechild storyline

Gossip Girl Season Three Report Card: B

Best episode for me was " Last Tango, then Paris. " When Nate and Serena broke up and Jenny got away to Hudson.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 105

Serena: Yes I'm the first place in people-magazine " Woman with most shiniest hair " Nate: Damn ! I'm only third place behind Claudia Schiffer.

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Bar Mitzvah scene...WTF

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Downright ridiculous

And then they used a book like the beautiful and damned. 

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Out of curiosity, who here's going to actually watch season 5?

I will only watch certain scenes on youTube but not whole episodes anymore.Well actually there are these plotlines for season 5 :

1. Blair or Serena is pregnant or someone threw a positive pregnancy test in their trash.

( Not really looking for this because so many shows already played out the ' pregnancy-card ' and this is a teen drama. I'm not excited to see Serena or Blair doing all the pregnancy things like ultrasonic or buying baby clothes. They are teenagers. They should enjoy their life and create drama for this show. )

2. Dan's book ' Inside ' will be published. 

( Well this story is actually kind of interesting. It'll good to see why Dan wanted to join the UES and the fact the he might just used Serena in order to get in. And Blair being the only one who is written positively. Will be quite good to see how everyone will react. 

3. Georgina and Ivy are going crazy. ( TEAM CRAZINESS )

4. Serena going for an acting career.

( Who wants to see Serena falling for the next guy and en passant is doing a movie ? Not me at least. )

5. Royal marriage 

( Not really like Blouis because they just have no chemistry together and it's just a silly cover in order to bring Chair back together in the end. So not really my thing. )

In my opinion this will end as Chuck and Blair show again. Doing all the hurting, playing Chuck/Blair thing all over again. And in the end they want to be together because their love is a ' crazy one ' and it's better than a loving, healthy and normal relationship.

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