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There hasn't been a good reason to comment since the series opened rather disappointingly. But.........this was a fantastic episode. I found myself asking if Red John was actually still out there and BOOM. He is out there and watching Jane's moves. Looking forward to future episodes. I agree that Simon's directing seemed to have a powerful effect.

The Mentalist Review: Psychotic Soulmates

I'm new to this site. Looks like the place to complain about the season opener, so I registered. If I've been paying attention, Jane sleeps in the room above their office or on the sofa in the control room. He doesn't even have an apartment much less Malibu home. The Citroen was around in the 1960's when I lived in Southern California. Are they a vintage collectible? Anyway, after reading all of your intelligent, well thought out reviews
of the series, there isn't much for me to add. Like many of you I was ready to just quit watching. Boy was I upset about the new season opener. Now I am thinking that while Jane was in jail he also did a lot of thinking. The conclusion he came to is that is was not RJ he shot, but someone RJ sent in his place. The judicial system has on record that the Red John serial murderer is dead. If Patrick and his team find the real dude they will have to kill him, too. Then they better come up with a real good story, or hide the body in a zillion pieces with no trail and no report to file. I apologize if someone already made this observation.