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Bones Review: Mommy Dearest

I am a huge fan of this show. I agree that this episode covered a lot of territory emotionally in 45 minutes so it does seem a bit contrived. That being said, David B. rose to the occasion as always and gave a very touching and subtle performance. When she walked out of the office and he said nothing, you could just see the lost and lonely little boy in his face. I am sure there is more to come with this story. I bet that they have him act out emotions in other ways since he can't seem to really get in touch with all that he is feeling about his mom situation. I look forward to Brennan showing how well she can help him through his stuff, after so much of him helping her. I am glad that they are allowing her character to start showing off her strength and loyalty and compassion (albeit in very Bones style!). As always I watch the show to be part of the fictional family they have created. The episodes are fun, but really secondary to my enjoyment of the human relationships and interactions between the main characters. And with that, I have to say, I have never found a TV relationship so fun, exciting, real, and balanced. They really do complete each other. And when one falls, the other is always there to catch them. And Emily and David make is seem so very believable. Love it!!!


I hope Booth and brennan stay together, but this Pelant arc bothers me. They have made him too powerful, too scary. Epps and the Gravedigger were pretty intense also, but it never felt like it was impossible to get them. And I just hate that he seems to be able to see them all the time. Creepy. I have the feeling that they are going to have booth go into some emotional crisis mode where he will "take a break" from the relationship because he beats himself up over something he thinks he did wrong. I'm guessing this will be a way to get them to start over and actually have the dating phase they missed because of the pregnancy. In any case I am not looking forward to the season finale. I hate seeing them apart or worse, seeing Booth set up to go back to Hannah or something equally awful next season. For me the show is all about the two of them bringing out the best in each other and then getting the bad guys everytime. I really don't want it to turn into a really scary thriller. I like happy endings, good triumphing over evil, jokes and laughs, interesting puzzles, the creative bodies, and terrific cast. I can't believe people actually feel the show is no good. It has changed and grown, but the cast still seems to enjoy characters and I have loved getting to know all of them over the years. Hope the show lasts at least another two or three years!

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