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Jonathan Groff: Booked for Glee Return!

I'm SUPER DOOPER FREAKIN' EXCITED. Jesse is going to shake things up. Now that I know he's back, I want him to sing a duet with Blaine it would be... AWESOME. And I want Finn out of the picture, so I hope he wins Rachel back... at least for a while.

Gossip Girl to End After Season Six?

I wish the series ended at the end of season 4. We've got a good season so far, but I'm pretty sure that if Gossip Girl lasts that long, all we're gonna get is soappy storylines and screwed up characters.

A Very Glee Christmas: Round Table Discussion

I want Klaine to happen SOOOOOO bad. I'm officially in love with these two.

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Blaine is the friggen most awsome guy

I LOVE HIM TOO ! But I fear he's too perfect too be true..Anyways, he is awesome in a dorky, adorable, sexy Gay Prince Charming kind of way. I hope he and Kurt get together soon.

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Artie and Brittany

I LOVE them ! Artie is so sweet to Brittany, they really seem in love. I didn't expect this couple at ALL, but now, they make my heart melt a little.

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Their rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside" was so cute it made me roll of my chair. I want my gay kiss so bad.

My other endgame are Artie/Brittany (too much cuteness to be ignored!!), Rachel/Jesse (a girl can dream), Tina/Mike and Will/Emma (though now she's married, I can't really see Wemma happen :/)

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