So I'm like one of tthe many crazed CHAIR FANS!!!<3 I think NY is the best place everrr and Chuck and Blair are the reason Monday Nights have meaning and don't suck as muchete and total Gossip Girl addict

-I believe in Chuck and Blair all the way without any doubts

-I think a paycheck is wasted on Jessica Szohr seeing how 90% of the Gossip Girl viewers hate Vannesa

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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 68

Jenny: Ughh is Chuck dry humping Blair, cause I totally see a wet spot on the crotch of his pants

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 64

Nate: Chuck did you see the latest gossip girl blast, I can't believe I actually beat you for class whore!
Chuck: (watching his sex tape with Blair video) hmm yeah wow
Nate: Do you know if Blair's coming to my party tonight
Chuck: Oh she's comingg very soon

Gossip Girl Season 3: First Sneak Peek!

OMG OMG WTF this preview made my life i LOVE how they keep Chuck with his womanizing image yet he's blairs bf I love it and the blair part was insane I love her haha