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If Arizona is killed off I am 99 percent sure I will not watch this show anymore. My favorite couple will be over and my interest will stop. Which I am honestly shocked I am saying because I have loved every season of this show. Arizona and Callie are great together, plus they have a baby, plus she's awesome, plus she's the head of peds and i definitely prefer her over Addison. Sarah Drew has done an excellent job playing the annoying April Kepner but I have to say April is first on my list for choices of who dies. But I must admit there was some major foreshadowing when Arizona told Callie to never leave her. I'm thinking it's reverse foreshadowing since Capshaw has a few kids and maybe wants to spend more time with her family. I don't blame her but I will be very sad. Excellent job setting up the season finale btw. Seriously. I was speechless after it. I now have to mentally prepare for next week.