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Stuff about C & B (Spoilers)

wait, wut? you stopped watching after S3, but only learnt about the IP 3 weeks ago? lol. that's kinda nonsense.

and since you didn't watch and have no idea what was before, let me tell you, he wanted to help her become powerful, but she wanted to do it on her own, so he gave her space to achieve her goals. so nope, he doesn't want her only when someone else does. just so you know the facts, because saying something without even knowing looks kinda stupid, ngl.

and LOLOL, you acting like he psychically abuses her says it all for me.

and no, she doesn't need any persmission, but he could be a jerk and interfere or sabotage her like she sabotaged his relationship, but he sees she's happy and lets her go. you should be happy about that, no?

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Stuff about C & B (Spoilers)

Lol so the only catalyst for Chair is someone else showing Blair genuine affection and respect. Not until someone else wants her can Chuck truly see how much he "loves" her lol. Fuck him until the end of eternity.

uhm, it's more about the contrast between how he doesn't care about raina with nate and how he's totally jealous of DB/Blouis.

and he wanted her in 4x09 when no one else was "showing her genuine affection and respect", but since she wanted to establish a name for herself, i guess he just didn't expect she'll be engaged to a prince a few months after, which is like the oppposite of being independent.

and he lets her go to be happy with the prince. what's even your point? should he not care and not show he loves her? idgi.

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Stuff about C & B (Spoilers)

Really?? That's awesome...now I am SO EXCITED for tomorrow night!!! And the rest of the season for that matter. Chuck better get jealous and pine. Pine!! Hopefully you don't get Blair back until you do.

that's not this episode, though. sadly, it's in 6 weeks. tonight's epi, he'll probably just find out the secret and will also find out about NR and not care.

i'm sure he will pine a lot for the rest of the season, though.

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