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Private Practice Review: Sheldon's Story

really?? i thought it was an excellent episode. love sheldon, bless him :) the writting (& performances) just keep getting better and i'm soooo bummed that this is the last season. wish his workmates would pay more attention to him... poor guy is always there for everyone else.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Going Going Gone"

I loved it!!! It IS basically a soap opera... So of course gotta have death and drama :P, keeps everyone on their toes LOL. RIP Lexie & McSteamy, LOVED them! But we survived George's demise and we'll survive this.
Bit annoyed about that stupid Kepner... Didn't even realized she was missing til Owen went to get her :P. could've got rid of her LOL.
Anyway... That's my two cents.

Will Kate Walsh Return to Grey's Anatomy?

definitly!!! :))