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One Tree Hill Review: Was Lucas Scott Here?

It reminds me of the movie "Hostel". Dmitri keeps telling nathan he is going to die...also think chase is going to beat the crap out of skolnicks dad..that's prob why they show him in cop car earlier.

One Tree Hill Review: Road To Redemption

I think the part where haley is at the morgue is a dream sequence. But I do think dan dies at the end while saving nathan. I also think the Euro mobsters are connected to that drug dealer that was selling to clay. Like two episodes ago, right before dan had a talk with him..the drug dealer was on the phone with someone and said" dimitri, i got it alright." I think that they are gonna try and extort money from dan or clay. Thats why I think they are holding nathan for ransom. Still think grandpa Dan will save the day.