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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 172

Serena: hey! what are you two doing here?
Nate: we're doing an intervention
Chuck: i'm filling in for Blair who's busy planning a wedding she saw on gossip girl that you were wearing that hideous skirt and she sent us here to take you back to Manhattan before your dressing gets any worse!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 172

Serena: limo, champagne a Bass and an Archibald whatever have I done to deserve such attention?
Nate: I'm doing another blonde but I wanted to let you know that you're still my number one summer fling
Serena: thanks...I think. I actually have a job now so Charlie will have to step it up.
Nate: haha yeah (imagining Charlie naked)
Chuck: Blair is getting married and i'm celebrating her impending adultery with none other than yours truly. she doesn't know it yet of course but I know she will be pleased when she sees what I have in store for her. (smiles)
Serena: and you guys came to my work just for that?(pause) wait a minute how did you guys find me?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 165

Chuck: ooh she looks mad at me i wonder if that means she'll have sex with me now.