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Graceland Season Finale Review: Home

The show is a convoluted and confusing in general. I like it, but I do not love it...yet? I understand about Jangles and the other house and that Briggs broke under what was not interrogation...that was torture. So..Briggs is really Odin but why? To assist in getting cases closed albeit not ethical and against the law (but with him the end justifies the mean) or for personal gain. Never been able to figure that out. Any insights guys!

Sons of Anarchy Review: Getting Schooled

Well actually, Son's did start off with a quite a bang. Otto gets raped every morning to pay for what he did to the nurse with the crucifix last season. It is done courtesy of her brother by inmates he pays to do the deed. The Devil incarnate is truly alive and well on this show and her name is Gemma. Jax please wake up and see the upside down cross...it is hanging above your mother's bed.

Rookie Blue Review: Walking Targets

The person that said Sam was a man and Nick a boy...has it wrong. Beefy BROODING sexuality is not the description of a real man. An open heart, patience, sensitivity, wanting open communication and sharing...which promotes a trusting friendship (since the lust factor changes with time) and unabashed unconditional love for his partner. That is a description of a real man It is not Andy's job to make Sam a better man or to change him, that's exhausting and unfair for both of them and very one sided in terms of Andy's needs. Nick and Andy together, make each other better and stronger both separately and together. By the way..I used to really like the idea of Andy and Sam, until I saw how they were together. I do not dislike Sam...I just think Andy and Nick are wonderful and healthy together with lifetime potential. It is no accident that Sam went with Marlo, she is a female version of him. It was easier for him. I acknowledge that Sam really loves and misses Andy but he is just incapable of the type of relationship she wants and deserves.

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